If You’re a Beginner READ THIS!

Tennis , as my dad would call it, is a game for the elite. And in my opinion it actually is because of the vibe that Wimbledon gives off. But tennis is great for everybody, some play to get fit, some play to socialize, and some play professionally. If you’re a beginner who’s just starting that wants to play competitively or socialize with others in the court or just want to boost your game up, here are some tips for you.

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  • Avoid the “tennis jitters”. Now, you might be thinking what the hell is that? Let me explain it, the tennis jitters happens when you play well in the practice courts then when you’re playing, you play like crap because you’re afraid you might make an error. So, to avoid this, all you need to do is to set your mind that making an error is okay, and do a lot of practice matches, you will get rid of it after you have more confidence in your shots.


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  • Play mini tennis. Playing mini tennis is advised for everyone because it help find your rhythm on your strokes, and besides, hitting the ball near or in the service area is easier then outside or near the baseline. Play mini tennis at the beginning of your rally and then, gradually go back to the court until you’ve reached the baseline, not only will it get your rhythm going but also warms you up (which is very beneficial to your body).

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  • Add more spin to your shots. This is key to keeping the ball inside the court and lasting longer in the rallies. My technique to add more spin to my ground strokes is I wait for the ball to come down (below waist level) and then rip it good.



In modern day tennis, spin is very essential to the player’s style. if you want to add more spin and power at the same time, a good racquet will be required. Go to my home page to check out the racquet that offers more spin and power on your ground strokes and serves.